Stay on the train!

Do you feel like you’re in a time of acceleration?  A time where stuff is coming at you faster than you feel you can keep up?  Does God have you learning more, have you stepping into new things, more than you feel ready for?  Are you just overwhelmed by the overwhelmingness of your life right now?

I’ve been feeling like that.  Not in a bad way really.  There are things I have been asking God to teach me–about Himself, about what it means…”on earth as it is in Heaven.”  How does that happen?  Can I be involved in that?  Since the new year began, I sense Him opening things up, saying, “Now is the time.  You’re going to start seeing what that means.  Keep your heart open, I will teach you.”

So I’m excited, but yikes!  Really?  Am I ready?  You are so big, God!  What if I can’t learn? What if I can’t keep up?  I don’t know what to do–how do I learn fast enough, well enough,  etc, etc.  I tend to freak out a little–my Papa God knows better than to show me too much at one time.   But in case any of you out there reading this are experiencing some of those same thoughts and feelings since the year began, I thought I would share what I heard Him whisper to my excited yet freaked out spirit.

He said, “Just stay on the train, Pammagirl.  Striving, working harder or faster will not change the speed or the direction of the train.  I (Jesus) am driving the train; Holy Spirit is powering the train; Papa has the map, laid down the tracks and determines direction.  Just stay on the train, heed my voice, spend your time on the train as you are directed and you will get there.  You have a glimpse of where you are going, but you don’t know how it REALLY looks until you get there and see it for yourself.  Meanwhile, don’t miss the current landscape!  Live the moments.  Soak in all you are learning.  Don’t rush over it.  Learn it and put it in  your arsenal.”

So.  stay on the train.  Got it.  It doesn’t matter how much I stress.  I can run up and down the aisle of the train, willing it to go faster, or maybe slower, but the train will just keep moving. I will get to my destination when I am supposed to.  If I listen to the Spirit’s whispers and follow step by step, I will find myself ready for each stop the train makes, growing on the journey.   I may as well rest.  Rest in knowing my Papa God loves me, that He knows exactly where this train is headed, and He is excited about seeing my destiny unfold.  Thank you, Jesus.  I think I will sit by the window and enjoy the view.

Slow Dancing Under Moonlight


Slow Dancing Under Moonlight

I shall draw you into me.
No greater stars do I beseech,
Than those on midsummer nights
That I reach from you.

I shall feel the heavenly beat
Cradling my enchanted soul,
Soothing my melodic ears
With you all around.

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I just found this poem on the internet, looking for “Dancing Under Stars” images for this blog. This is only part of the poem–please link to read the rest.  I think it’s beautiful.  Many see this poem as romantic–human to human romance.  I hear it in my spirit as God’s romance language toward me.

Why?  Is that strange or weird?  I don’t think so.  Surrounded by the silent beauty of creation is often when God’s voice is the loudest.  Under the stars, in the middle of the night, walking the quiet gravel road next to the farm where I grew up–this is where I heard the passionate song of Papa God, strong and clear in the depths of my soul.  On a clear night, with the world around me lit up by moon and stars, I would inevitably find myself dancing with joy, celebrating the One that could and did create such marvelous, mysterious beauty.

I am not a dancer.  At all.   Only in dreams.  But to this day, when I lose myself in worship, I dance.  And my signature move when His joyful love overwhelms me?  Twirling.  I just have to twirl.  Like I am being spun around by Daddy,  His laughter and mine mingling, joyful in each other’s company.

Part of my journey with God over the years has been learning to trust His love; to believe that He rejoices over me.  That I am His favorite.  God has the ability to make every one of His children His favorite.  You are His favorite!  How do you hear His voice, feel His presence?  Do you? Can you? Do you even think it’s possible? Do you believe you are a favorite?  Or do you believe you are too insignificant, too messed up, too                .   You fill in the blank.

I don’t believe that.  I believe if He bothered to create you, He has a dream for your heart to follow, and a destiny that He wants you to not only know about but fulfill, here on earth, in your lifetime.  So perhaps that is what I will explore first in this blog.  How do we hear the voice of God?  Does that only happen to “special” people?  Can we really know Him?  Does He really know and care for me?  Just as we are all unique, the ways in which we hear and experience God are unique, too.  He speaks your language, because He wants you to hear and understand what He has to say.   He has wonderful treasures hidden for you that He wants you to find.  Let’s find some them together!